My Money Story

My money journey began when my friend, Stephanie, and I was hanging out with her older sister, Amanda, on a Saturday. We were 16-year-old high school sophomores and Amanda worked part-time as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for a local hospital, she was a college student, and (if I remember correctly) she had another full-time job!  Amanda had money to buy us breakfast that morning, she paid for lunch, she shopped at the mall that day, I saw her get cash out of an ATM machine, AND I saw her use a credit card. I wanted to be like Amanda because, until that moment, I did not know that having that type of access to money was possible– I was VERY impressed!!

That morning with Amanda changed something inside of me.  It gave me hope that I could have a better financial life than I was currently living back then. That was more than 25 years ago, but eventually, I developed a lifestyle similar to and better than Amanda’s.  I say this with all confidence, but it was not without big and small financial mistakes along the way.  So although my youth was lived in poverty, I came out of that and excelled in my life, and now I plan to really soar and live the life that I have always envisioned for myself.  My vision and dreams have changed as my life has changed but I believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to and have anything that I say. I’ll be sharing all of my financial ‘lessons learned’ on my blog.

I would love it if you followed along!

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